We all want our spaces to be perfect. We want to have everything in a particular way that meets our dreams and desires of the Pinterest board titled “dream house.” Many people look to online resources to find inspiration to decide what their perfect space looks like in today’s world. We can turn to blogs, TV shows, inspirational sites such as Pinterest, and many more. Personally, my favorite inspirational avenue to take is the route of blogs. Blogs allow us to see what others are taking part in while really seeing the raw experience happening.

Let’s be honest; our world revolves around media. We post almost every aspect of our lives for the world to see. We are comfortable with the idea that when we post, the things we post are out there. They are in the vast world of the internet, and we can’t control what happens after the moment we press “share.”

There is some sense of fear that we lack when we open our lives up for the world to see. We hear stories of what has happened to young people with stalkers, online-dating, “catfishing,” etc. We think “that won’t happen to…

Haley Seay

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